The “Schule des Schauens” is a kind of school dealing with constellation experiences. It teaches and also practices the perception of the present moment during a Family Constellation.
The German word “Schauen” means : exposing oneself to a reality which is showing itself, allowing oneself an unintentional perception and ignoring the need to construe, to reason or other such thought processes.
Right there and totally aware, watchful, now, in this moment and in this moment ….
In the actual moment time and space are not present, our conscience has the ability in the presence of this moment to perceive old, actual and new impulses: from one moment to the next. Our spirit has the ability to be as quick as lightning and/or to be serene and wide and in the moment perceive what was, what is and what will be.

We see in the daily Family Constellations work, that apparently past and future events are stored as information in a kind of “conscience accumulator”. If awareness is concentrated in a directed but also unintentional state, it is possible to tap into this stored information, which can reveal itself as an impulse of a mobile or an emotive nature. In order to achieve this, the client has to be prepared to face situations which present themselves and to want to rid themselves of their burden (e.g. pain, anxiety, illness).  Furthermore, the facilitator of the Family Constellation must be a person willing to serve the client and his/her system with an open awareness and at the same time to be unintentional and open to all possibilities concerning the result of the constellation.

If all these factors are present, results begin to be realized and healing impulses are able to occur. This makes possible, that something with which the client has been involved, or negatively influenced by, can be freed or something which has been missing in the system can be incorporated. This process is named “the movements of the soul”. They are the focal point of our approach.