Movements of the soul

It is a phenomenon which no reasoning can explain : persons, unknown to the client, are representing persons from his/her family. If they remain unintentional, they will come into resonance with an awareness within the system, which is striving to achieve something. If they then follow these impulses, it then becomes clear that the result of this resonance (e.g. mobile, emotive) is attempting to override something forgotten or suppressed in the system. Observed from the outside, such constellations reveal obvious problematic relationships, traumatic events, enmeshments with family members, almost as if the complete history of the family is being enacted.

In the constellation work we name this resonance “movements of the soul”; a movement which takes place in us and around us, impossible to track down, beyond the realms of our understanding, taking place whether we want it to or not. Because of the striving for wholeness, the very nature of it is that of a healing impulse. Whether this soul is being guided from behind by a spirit, or whether this soul movement belongs to a “greater soul”, appears to be subsidiary and the object of a philosophical consideration. It is important, how this movement succeeds. It calls for an unintentional state, no distinguishing between what is good and what is bad, and an openness for that which can show itself at any given moment, from all involved.

We appear to transcend our I-state and become connected to conscience fields, which are in resonance with us, and we with them. For example, it is quite possible to be in resonance with a dead person from our family system, although we have never even met the person and eventually had no knowledge of his/her existence. We can also be connected with collective happenings e.g. war, through these fields.
These resonances can have grave influences on our lives. We live in resonance e.g. with the fates and events which our ancestors endured, and try to carry on in this vein in our own lives respectively, persisting in the same confliction structures, unknowingly and failing accordingly.
On the beneficial side : if these dynamics come to light in a Family Constellation, it is possible that negative, ill-omened resonances can be resolved, they can be allowed to return to where they belong and this noticeably leads to a calmness in the client.
We come into resonance with our ancestors, our parents, our siblings, our partners, our children, our occupation and with our lives.

The “movements of the soul” as a form of reservoir of experienced, and still to be experienced, impulses and happenings is not only in Family Constellations perceivable. It also occurs in organizations, structures, symbols, symptoms of illnesses, doctrines, places and lots more ….