Sources of Family Constellation work

The main influences of the constellation work and out of which the work was developed, are to be found in systemic therapy, which took off in the 1930s. Influences drawn from Moreno’s psychodrama, family reconstruction and sculpturing from Virginia Satir among others helped to define, and insights obtained from group dynamics, psychoanalysis, primal therapy, script work, focusing, NLP and several philosophical thought models have all helped to refine the work.

However credit should go to Bert Hellinger, who out of all these influences was able to develop a phenomenological systemic constellation model, without constricting himself to a predefined idea.
Parallel to the work inspired by Bert Hellinger, various other adaptations of constellation work using different methods, forms and areas of use have come into existence. The systemic constructivist method, structure constellations developed by Insa Sparrer and Varga von Kibed, the movements of the soul, the use of constellations in organizations, schools, medicine, psychotherapy, supervision and consulting, and all of these world-wide.