How it can help

Family Constellation can be helpful …

  • with recurring problems in a marriage or a relationship
  • when there are “difficult” children in a family
  • when a person always has a problem to give him/herself into a lasting relationship
  • with unresolved problems, or relationships, with your own parents
  • when you are overcome by bad experiences
  • when personal or job targets are never reached
  • with conflicts in or with the firm you work for
  • when life continually gets you down or you appear very sad without a reason
  • with feelings of inhibition, of being remotely controlled, of apathy or of soullessness
  • with problems concerning decision making
  • when you have a strong, centred feeling that you are searching for something
  • with soul or organic disturbances, or illnesses, like e.g. fear, phobia, depression, addiction, neurodermatitis, cancer