What the effects are

Here is an example from endless possibilities : if someone is unknowingly identified with a family member who has died, he will unknowingly try to emulate this person’s fate in his/her own life and to try and bring it to completion. This will always fail.

The impact this has on someone’s life can be experienced as : not really belonging to the family, apathetic, depressive, deeply sad or having the feeling to be searching for something/someone.

This can also mean, that there are dynamics involved, which can seemingly lead to illnesses and/or to death. The good thing about constellations work is that, once such dynamics come to light, they stop or stop having negative effects !

It is important to note that, these are force fields or “knowing fields”, with which we cannot tamper, not even when we have good intentions. If a facilitator were to attempt to do this, the result would be catastrophic : the dynamics would withdraw themselves, depriving the client of their effect and the client would be presented with a unsatisfactory “on the plate” solution.